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My name is Joseph Cordella I hired Jefrrey at our house party for my Wife's 40th birthday party . It was awesome Jeff walked around the pool entertaining my guest with some amazing Card Tricks . The best was his sscape from the straight jacket !!

I was not sure how to celebrate my 80th birtday party . I gave Jeff a call to inquire about his magic show for my friends and family . I have to tell you we were so entertained ! The magic is family friendly and we all laughed and had a good time ! Thanks so much Jeffrey. " My ring disappeared and appeared on his keychain " !

Mary Johnson .

Great Job ! Your performances .... were  the hit of our Christmas party . We thank you for stealing the spotlight and bringing our products to life thereby leaving a very positive  impression upon our managers . "  Amazing how you customized our products during your magic performance ! Incredible watching spoons and forks bend and melt like a matrix effect ! I still don't know how knew the card I was thinking of !

Terry A.Wilson - Ceo Pepsi Corporation

Making your event magical

"outstanding Job" Jeffrey combined Magic with science and customized the show to fit our needs !  A bottle of water remained suspended ! On command from a volunteer the water flowed from the upside down bottle !!! I have No Idea ? Denise Reyes Yale University Science Dept. New haven Ct.

Joseph Spinolio - Motorcycle mechanic Harley Davidson

Corporation. "Jeffrey truly is the Magicman " 

" Your Style, wit and magic were perfect for our event . As you know we have a very high profile membership , many which are involved in the New York scene . They tend to be very critical and can make it tough to perform . You passed the test with flying colors . The comments from our members and theitr guest were numerous and evreyone was positive . I still don't know how my signed selected card appeared folded up in your mouth !!

Dennis Reyes - Entertainment consultant Yale University Science Dept.

" You certainly exceeded our expectations with both your comedy and your magic , and our dealers are still talking about you . Choosing entertainment for an event of this type , with so many diversified personalities and age groups , is very difficult , and to be honest , we were a little nervous about it , but the way you read our crowd and adapted your act accordingly was simply amazing ! Your down- to- earth humor appealed to everyone and it seemed as if your act was custom - made for our group !  My favorite trick of the evening was when you pushed the beer bottle through my supervisors stomach and it came out the other side !!!

 Joseph Spinolio - Motorcycle mechanic  Harley Davidson Corporation Stamford Ct.

Andy Jackson - Accountant

Vignin Airways Corporation .

"You did it again ! you brought the house down ! Everyone I talked to said it was fantastic ! Your show is innovative, entertaining and very magical . It would fit virtually any type of meeting or event . were look foward to having you back next year".    

 Andy  Jackson - Accountant Virgin Airways Corporation .

The Sherman bat mitzvah  Celebration at Testo's Restaurant in Bridgeport Ct. Jeffrey's performance included strolling magic and mindreading for family and friends,


Quacker Farms Elementrary School in Oxford Ct. The children are enjoying an audience participation show performed by Jeffrey in a close-up setting in the classroom .

14 year old birthday party with a costume theme ! The kids are dressed in costumes as I perform a magic show in the living room . the best dressed costume won a free magic trick !

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