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Magic Tricks Created By Jeffrey William Aka Geoffrey Dove

 The logo on your chapstick visually changes into the thought of card. The selected card is vanished and reappears inside the chapstick tube. Perform the trick again and reveal a different card ! price 20.00  Paypal :

 A Fork is held at the magician's fingertips and slowly melts at the spectators command . The bent fork is then handed out for examination . You are provided with a "Very Special Fork" Price 25.00 Paypal :


Effect : The magician borrows a finger ring. The ring vanishes and instantly appears on the magicians key ring ! Color of sneaker may vary

Price 25.00 Paypal : 

                          CHAPSTICK EFFECT

 Available with two different card revelations !!

                    THE MELTING  FORK

A "Very Special Fork " is provided with this effect !!










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