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Remember To inquire about your Free Magic trtick when you book the show !

The magic mystery gift will include a top quality magic trick that i will teach you how to perform !!

"The Mind Over Matter show " Demontrates how I will solve the rubick's cube in exactly under 1 minute ! You have to see it to believe it !! This is a technique I learned from another fellow magician .  'This is a highlight Feature at all my shows " ! 7.08 is the Guiness world record time

 Jeffrey William aka( Geoffrey Dove ) My earlier days performing Spoon bending , The exploding light bulb demonstration and there I am as the "Masked Magician "

of the Year


Academy of Magic


About Jeffrey William -The Full Story

Jeffrey William aka Geoffrey Dove  1992 magic Castle  audition . Photo by Robert Hanson .

Illusionist Jeffrey William - Escaping from a regulation Straight Jacket . Photo by Robert Norman . The photo

on the right is the great Harry Houdini as he struggles to free himself from the straight jacket.

Creating a sense of wonder and excitement Is what Jeffrey William does for a living . Jeffrey William Palumbo born In Stamford Connecticut fell In love with the art of magic at the young age of 9 years old . My late mentor Pat Mollo ( The Great Fooldini) gave me the performing name Jeffrey william . I had the bug for magic when I was only 9 years old and received my first magic set as a present under the Christmas Tree the rest Is history !



Jeffrey has entertained audiences small and large from the living room to the largest stages . Jeffrey has a high energy audience participation show that will amaze !


Based In New Haven County this Corporate and Kid show Magician has over 30 years experience in front of audiences of all ages .


His magic shows have been seen In Theatres, Schools , Churches , Boardrooms, Conventions , Hospitality suites , Restaurant's , Living rooms , Television and Film.


From card Tricks and Mindreading to amazing strolling magic Jeffrey's repertoire of magic Is Impressive .




                     MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


    I am so sure that you'll  love my programs I am willing to put my time and money on the line. If after having me present one of the most amazing programs to your group of kid's or corporate event , you honestly feel that the program was a complete waste of time and that the program did not meet or exceed your expectations, you have nothing to loose . i will gladly give you the program for free . If you are not thrilled with what I have to offer, you simply do not have to pay. Don't worry - in all my years of being a professional magician , no - one has ever asked for their money back and I doubt that you will either . I offer you this personal guarantee because I want you to feel secure knowing that my programs are top notch and that you have indeed made a wise choice to invite me to your special event. How many other performers do you know that will make you such a strong guarantee ? 




Jeffrey never fails to delight his audience with his amazing "Straight Jacket escape" . In the classic houdini style Jeffrey escapes from the straight jacket in under two minutes !  I always close my shows with a dedication to the "Great Harry houdini" as I struggle to free myself from a regulation Straight Jacket !

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Geoffrey Dove in the early days . I started my Magic company in 1986 Mainstreet Magic Company . I am now know as the "Illusionist " Jeffrey william . Mystique Magic Company is our present business .

Here is a photo of me at age 13 Pictured with the multplying Billard balls . I was bit by the magic bug at a young age . I am 51 years old and i am just as excited about magic as I was at the age of 13 .


Do you want this guy showing up at your next event ? That's why it's Important your hire the right magician ! Make Sure You Read About My Money Back Gurantee !

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