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 " I have the ability to take you to a different place and relax your mind " at this point I will tell you the card you are thinking of ... Mysteries of the Mind show only. Not for children shows .

From weddings and corporate events, to private parties Children Shows and trade shows, Jeffrey will provide the best magic ever witnessed!

The Murray wedding Sptember 5,2013 Groom Joe and Anna Murray . A celebration following the strolling  magic show presented by Jeffrey during cocktail hour.

Private Parties - Wedding's

The Murray wedding September 5,2013 . My name is Joe Murray (I am the groom pictured in the front on the far left) I met Jeffrey years ago at Sam's Bar in portchester N.Y. while he was working as a  bartender magician.  I told Jeff I would hire him for my wedding ! Well I did and it was an amazing !! Jeffrey borrowed my wife Anna's wedding ring made it disappear only to reappear locked on his key chain !! The best trick I will always remeber was the beer bottle that pentrated through the body of harry my best man !! (we still have the bottle as a souvenir)  I really enjoyed how he walked around the tables and entertained the guest with close up magic !!!      




"Children's Magic shows"


My Name is Jeffrey william (Aka Geoffrey Dove) I am a proffesional children's entertainer specializing in helping parents make their child's birtday party the best ever !

The performance includes an interactive magic show where the children are involved throughout the whole show . the feature of the show is abra the magical dove !


The birthday child becomes the star of the show and even learns a magic trick . The program is a 45 minute comedy magic show with audience participation . This show is geared mosstly for the children but fun for the whole family to watch !



The Children will experience the magic at close quarters the apperance of abra the magical dove !  A full size newspaper is torn to pieces then instanty magically restored , Comedy magic were the birthday child transforms in a rabbit !  Coins magically appear  from an audience member numerous coins !! Also witness the amazing mystery of the vanishing and apperaring egg . Silk Magic, Coin tricks, Card tricks , the magic coloring book  the mystery of the vanishing ketchup bottle , Escapes and much much more !!    




With over two decades in the business and having children of my own . I have the "know how" and experience to not only entertain but to also keep their attention . Putting a smile on the face of youngsters is a job that I take VERY serious . With over 5000 shows and counting . It's safe to say that I am truly a big kid at heart .




   All I can say is Wow ! My name is Melissa I am in the photo at the end on the far right . I had Jeffrey perform at my 12 year old birthday party and it was an incredible day !!  I performed magic at my own birthday party and even learned a magic trick ! all my friends were involved throughout the entire show being and  called up on the stage to help with the magic tricks .


The bset trick of the day I will always remember was the newspaper that was torn to pieces , then the entire newspaper in a "Flash" came back together again , i still have this newspaper as a souvineir ! their were tricks  were live doves appeared in a flash of fire ! we also got to pet the doves and take pictures with the doves after the show ! Jeffrey did a trick were coins came out of thin air ! at least 100 coins they appeared eveywhere it was very magical ! He also turned my friend gabriella into a rabbit To funny ! This is one day I will remember forever !

 "Thanks Jeffrey for making my Birthday a very special day"

  Melissa rodriguez . The photo on the left is Abra "The Magical Dove " ! Abra is the feature of all my kid's magic shows . I have been performing with abra for nearly 15 years !


Italian center day camp Melissa's Birtday party .

 From left to right  Taylor smith , Gabriella Jones, Riley Maddison , Mellisa Rodiguez . Photo by Kate clarkson

Remember to inquire about your Free magic trick when booking a show !! 

"Mysteries Of the Mind Show"

                  Corporate Shows

Jeffrey's strolling act for adults and corporate situations is flexible and will work in any venue. Whether your party is being held in your living room , a marquee , outdoors , in the workplace or even on the beach . Jeffrey mingles with guest delivering his unique brand of psychological entertainment and his enjoyable performance will make your event stand out in your guest's memories. If you want professional magic entertainment that wll gurantee to make you next event hire entertainer Jeffrey William ,



  • Metal bends with mind power Borrowed objects vanish and appear in impossible places!

  • Stranger's inner most secrets are revealed.

  • Watches stop ticking on Command

  • Impossible Card revelations

  • Mind - Boggling demonstrations of Psychokinesis and Telepathy.

  • Lit cigarettes vanish in thin air!

  • A borrowed finger ring disappears only to reappear on my key ring!

  • Five One Dollar bills Will visually transform into five tweny dollar bills!

  • Wait till you see your on dollar bill turn into a One hundred Dollar Bill and Yes you can go out and spend It

  • Torn and restored money, Bending coins, key bending,

      and much much more!



Imagine If you will ..  Witness a book of matches bursting into flames only by energy . A lightbulb exploding on command ! A haunted key that moves in a very unusal way in your hand !!!! Mysteries of the Mind show only. Not for children shows .

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