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A Great Story about magic !! I remember visiting New York City to learn my craft the art Of Magic. Rogue is a friend of mine, this story will really touch your heart . If you're ever in the city check out Rogue's Magic Shop in Queens N.Y.

Jeffrey performs a money trick with a borrowed twenty dollar bill from a customer . Four Points Sheraton Hotel 2012 . I worked here as a bartender magician .

Alberto's restaurant In Seymour Ct. Just about to pay my bill ! I have to magically restore my credit !!

A close up demonstration with a borrowed bill . This is in front of Good fella's restaurant in downtown New Haven Ct.

Jeffrey performs an incredible sleight of hand trick with a dollar bill ! then takes his daughter Gabriella shopping in Southbury Ct.

Southern Ct. University "The Hand Is quicker Then the Eye " I borrowerd a diamond ring from Blaire "Watch The ring Closely" !!

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